News Brief: Head of School addresses Instagram account on sexual assault at Masters

Ellie Yang, Editor-in-Chief

Tower is in the process of interviewing both the account holders and administration. We will follow this news in another article next week with more student voices and perspectives.

Head of School Laura Danforth recently sent out a school-wide email following the address she and Dean of Students Jeff Carnevale made during today’s Morning Meeting. This is a response to the Instagram account @sexualassaultatmasters, which has rapidly gained attention from students and faculty since its first posts on Sept. 14. The account currently has over 390 followers and over 25 posts containing anonymous reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents within the Masters community. Posts include reports of incidents both on and off campus ranging from offensive comments to rape.

Danforth wrote in her email to the Masters community, “My number one responsibility as head of school is the physical and emotional safety of the students in our care.” She continued the email by reaffirming that she and Carnevale will be available throughout the next several weeks with open office hours, writing, “As always, we stand ready to support you and your children.”


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