Tomatillo: more than a taco place


Sarah Faber/TOWER

Sarah Faber, Blogger

What better way to celebrate Taco Tuesday than eating tacos? Tomatillo, a “Mexchester original”, did not disappoint. There were many options for vegetarian and vegan food, and the ingredients are “Farm to taco”. Here are some highlights from the meal:


Guacamole: Chips and salsa were provided at the beginning of the meal like bread often is in Italian restaurants, but guacamole is always a necessity. The avocado tasted fresh, the texture wasn’t too chunky, and the tortilla chips didn’t break when scooping up the guacamole.


Al Pastor taco: Though the corn tortilla became a little bit soggy from the juices of the pork, the al pastor taco was one of my favorites. The pork was soft and flavorful, the grilled pineapple added some sweetness, and the pickled red onions were crunchy and not too vinegar-y.


Baja fish taco: The fried fish in the baja fish taco succeeded where most fish tacos fail in terms of crispiness. On top of the fish is a house slaw, but it didn’t have too much mayonnaise and didn’t weigh down the taco.


Carne Asada tacos: The problem with carne asada tacos is when the steak is tough and hard to bite off. Tacos must be accessible. The carne asada taco was easy to eat, the steak was juicy and cooked perfectly, and the pickled vegetables on top didn’t overpower the steak.


Tres Leches cake: Even though it was soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, the tres leches cake wasn’t soggy. It wasn’t too sweet, it wasn’t too dry, and the cream cheese frosting on top added some tang. Three of us had finished it in less than a minute.


The fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican dishes made for a memorable meal. The service was fast and friendly, the space is decorated with bright colors, and the food was delicious.