DiDonato moves on from security


Vincent Alban

DiDonato sits in an office.

Amita Khurana, Lead Features Editor

After four years of being a security guard, Joe DiDonato has taken on two new jobs at Masters. Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, DiDonato moved on to be the Assistant Director of MISH as well as the Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities/Transportation. DiDonato is enthusiastic towards his new endeavors.

During DiDonato’s time as a security guard, he slowly immersed himself into weekend trips with Ed Gormley, Upper School Student Activities & Transportation Coordinator. DiDonato plans to further develop a program to teach important skills to students such as, changing a tire and balancing a checkbook.

He is most excited about “being a part of building student activities, weekend team, and residential life.”

The roles of these jobs come easy to DiDonato, as he has always held spending time with kids close to his heart. For the last 30 years, DiDonato has been a single dad to two sons and three stepsons. With five boys in the house, he always had many of his sons’ friends over at his house.  “I learned to be diplomatic and be fair. It was such a learning experience for me.”

DiDonato’s friendly and kind-hearted attitude reflects through his actions. For the last two years, he attended every Touring Talent and volunteered to drive students to and from their community service co-curricular. He thoroughly knows the ins and outs of Touring Talent, so this makes it easier for the new leaders of Touring Talent to adjust.

In addition to these jobs, as Assistant Director of MISH, DiDonato is coordinating the logistics for the community service co-curricular: attendance and orientation meetings. In addition to this, DiDonato will be visiting each local community service location for face-to-face introductions. “He can operate as an official face of MISH,” Dena Torino, Director of Residential Life said.

“I’ve never felt so much gratification on a job. It comes from the spirit from this place- from the students,” DiDonato said. When he first stepped foot onto campus, DiDonato realized how much of a community he was a part of. He took it upon himself to be “a part of the reason why it’s so great here.”