Their Story: Christy Nicandri

Kishan Mangru, Blogger


Gold Key tours, revisit days, and reviewing applicants. These events are among the admission tasks that Christy Nicandri has undertaken during admission season for the past two years.

Before her life at masters, Nicandri worked for five years at an academy in Florida. There, she worked with campus life with middle school boys and senior girls. Eventually, Nicandri was able to get her feet wet with working in the admissions department. She was given the opportunity to work on the admission committee. “I had lived in Syracuse” Nicandri said unfortunately, “and I wanted to work closer to home.” Soon, however, she found a job opening at The Masters School and was grateful that she could see could once again work nearby her home.

Once at Masters, Nicandri begins her day, not by going to morning meeting, but by going over and planning the admission agenda for the day. This can include ensuring that there is a tour guide for each of the tours that day or looking ahead to organize future admission events. Nicandri says that aiding perspective families brings her joy. She is delighted to work with potential candidates and express the wonderful array of activities and welcoming community that Masters has to offer.

Outside of school, Nicandri is an avid sports fan. She roots for the Syracuse Orangemen basketball team and takes pleasure in watching tennis. In addition, Nicandri enjoys maintaining personal fitness and watching movies. However, what was particularly interesting about Nicandri was her inspiration. “My father had many health issues” she started, “but seeing him pull through has made me want to always be positive and smile.”

Looking forward, Nicandri wants to continue her love of sports commentating, an activity she had been involved in in high school and college. She had previously commentated on several flag football and soccer games. Moreover, since she is rounding off her second year at Masters, she hopes to soon have an advisory of her own. She wants to become more involved in and further understand the Masters community.