Tower launches Issue 3

Volume 76, Issue 3 of Tower was launched digitally on December 18, 2019. All the issues published with this issue can be accessed here. Enjoy reading.



Two sides of college counseling: the shadow world of private consultants – Nora Fellas, Opinion Lead Editor

Masters scraps annual ski trip – Owen Strier, Features Editor

For Mondaire Jones, politics is personal – Kira Ratan, Web Editor

Former governor Bill Weld challenges Trump in the 2020 republican campaign – Reed Gilmore, Advertisement & Distribution Manager

11 life-changing seconds: Travis Roy’s story – Ethan Schlapp, Staff Writer



Pro: Discussing the merits and issues with gender-separate classes – Tim Mathas, Opinion Editor

Con: Discussing the merits and issues of gender-separate classes – Mitch Fink, Sports Lead Editor

11th Grade drug education: too little too late – M. Brody Leo, News Editor

Restroom “upgrades” are environmental “downgrades” – Logan Schiciano, Editor-in-Chief




The white sneaker craze – Sophie Grand, Sports Editor & Kate Sibery, Features Lead Editor

Agatha Christie lives: Masters murder mystery – Nora Fellas, Opinion Lead Editor

Winterlight concert warms audience despite cold weather – Tyler Conway, Sports Editor



Boys’ varsity squash sets sights on National Championship – Ethan Schlapp, Staff Writer 

Following home loss, boys’ varsity basketball remains optimistic in young season – Logan Schiciano, Editor-in-Chief

Intense practices produce on-court success for girls’ varsity basketball – Yasmine Pascal, Features Editor


Blogs & Columns:

Would you rather: community service or senior finals – Russell Wohl, Columnist

The future of the climate movement: turning awareness into action – Emanuel Adamiak, Blogger

What are SREC’s and why should NY have them? – Anastasiia Goroberts, Blogger



The art of self-defense – Sophie Grand, Opinion Editor & Gabe Keller, Sports Editor


If additional articles are posted that are linked to Issue 3, then this list will be updated accordingly.