Six rookie mistakes to avoid at Masters

Six rookie mistakes to avoid at Masters

Asli Noyan, Blogger

Everyone takes time to adjust to different environments. Some people only take days; some take weeks and some take months. In my case, it took me almost my whole freshman year; even though I thought I had adjusted the first week. Thinking about it, I wasn’t anywhere close. For example, it was already the end of November when I found out the Dining Hall serves soup and there isn’t morning meeting on Wednesday mornings. Even though I’m not so much older that I can give advice yet, I thought compiling a list of all the weird things I did as a new student can help everyone see that there is at least one person who made many mistakes while adjusting to a whole different environment.

1)     Going to the theatre on a Wednesday morning and waiting until 8.30 assuming everybody in the whole school is late and then going to class with no reasonable excuse.

2)     Looking for stairs to go down from the basement and realizing they don’t exist after a whole day of searching.

3)     Finding a lost phone on the floor and instead of returning it to a faculty member, putting it in lost and found.

4)     Struggling to figure out the alternating Delta/Phi week Thursday morning schedule and ending up in a senior class meeting.

5)     Replying to the lost and found emails that were sent to the whole school by saying, “No, I have not seen it.”

6)     Eating a cupcake left unattended in a table at lunch, not realizing someone else was probably planning on eating it.

The list goes on, but these are enough to show how many embarrassing, weird things I did and how normal it is for new students to make such mistakes. I’ve learned that at Masters, all we have to do is ask for help when we need it.