Curt Ebersole: Life at the speed of acceleration

Curt Ebersole: Life at the speed of acceleration

Daniel Barnett, Photo Editor

March 13, 2014

The carts ascend up the metal tracks to the heavens, to once again plummet back to Earth with the sounds of 1000 individual screams. Curt Ebersole, teacher in the Music Department, is a roller coaster fanatic; a total “nerd” when it comes to metal carts that go as fast as the speed of sound. Ebersole...

The purple “Dawg” of Masters hits the scene

The purple

Sang Bae, Features and Arts Editor

March 11, 2014

It's definitely purple enough to put Barney to shame. The Dawg House concocted its "Dawg of the Month" in our Masters image: a deep fried hotdog piled high with sriracha sauce, barbeque onion sauce, bacon bits and enough purple coleslaw to get a few heads rolling. With a price tag of $4.50, the question...

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