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  • Pitch a Story to the Editors!

If you have a story idea or a story already written, pitch your piece to the Editors for the chance to have your piece published! Fill out this pitch sheet to help organize your thoughts and presentation.

  • Apply to become a blogger or columnist!

Each year, we select a handful of students, and sometimes even faculty, to write blogs or columns about a subject that they feel passionate about and are relevant to the Masters community! Bloggers and columnists hold their position for one year and aim to publish one story every issue.

  • Apply to become a Tower photographer or illustrator!

If you have photography or drawing skills and are willing to put them to use and feature your work alongside pieces in Tower, apply to become a staff photographer or illustrator!

  • Join the Tower co-curricular!

The Tower co-curricular, which is open to everyone, gives students the opportunity to try out a variety of journalism skills, from short writing practices to interviewing and researching for story, to taking photos for on-campus events. In addition, students will learn about the business side of newspaper production and layout and design.

  • Write a “Letter to the Editor!”

Have something to say in response to something you saw in our paper or in response to a bigger issue going on in the world? If you have something important and are interested in writing to Tower about it, send us your “Letter to the Editor” at!


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