Profile: Yasmine Pascal
Accuracy and Accountability Manager, as well as Advertisement and Distribution Manager, Yasmine Pascal, did not always see herself as a journalist. Pascal grew up in a small island in the Caribbean, called Dominica and moved to America two years ago to attend Masters. In her first year, she joined Intro to Journalism, not to become a journalist but to simply improve her writing skills. At first, Pascal found journalistic writing to be difficult and time consuming, but she soon she fell in love with it and continually looked forward to writing her next article.

Even Though, Pascal enjoyed writing, she was still hesitant to join Tower the following school year. This was because in Intro, the only people who saw her articles were Ellen Cowhey, her teacher,  and the other students in her class. However, if she began to write for Tower the entire school would read her work. She struggled with the decision on what to do, but decided to join Tower, due to the encouragement of Michelle Wei, Pascal’s current dorm proctor, as well as a member of the Tower staff.

Pascal is happy she joined Tower because she loves the liberty of choosing which topic to write on and she appreciates the community formed within the group. Pascal has written articles on the dress philosophy, mental health, R.Kelly and Black History Month. She even produced a video on the reasons why teachers and students came to Masters and their experience thus far.

“ I think my favourite part about journalism, is having the ability to give a voice to things that are not often spoken about. I want to encourage conversations.”

Yasmine Pascal, Accountability and Accuracy Manager

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