Jayanti Nerurkar

The Masters School will bid farewell to Dr. Jayanti Nerurkar, or Dr. N, a valued member of the Science Department, as the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close. Dr. Nerurkar joined the Masters community in January 2017, as a first-time educator. Prior to her time at Masters, Nerurkar worked as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past four and a half years, she has become a very successful teacher by bringing creativity to the classroom and thinking outside of the box. She has taught tenth grade chemistry, as well as the science research course, which she created. 

Sophomore Hannah Florian, one of Nerurkar’s chemistry students said, “The class is very interactive.” She added, “[Nerurkar] makes a lot of helpful presentations and she goes step by step very slowly. If we are learning new topics, she makes sure none of us get lost or off track and she asks follow-up questions.” 

Sophomore Cameron Lovett agreed with Hannah. “She is very knowledgeable and helps her students,” he said. 

Nerurkar said she values the community at the Masters School. This is evident through her teaching methods. Dr. Nerkurkar said, “I have been impacted by my supportive colleagues. The Science Department is very supportive and so is everyone in Morris Hall.” She added, “[the community] has helped me learn a lot of new things and grow as a teacher.” 

Nerurkar enjoys seeing her students understand a concept and develop. She teaches effectively through her informative powerpoints and visuals, as well as her thorough explanations. Florian and Lovett both agreed that they took diligent notes that gave them a better understanding of the material and helped them later on while studying for assessments. 

Lovett said, “She makes sure that everyone participates and gets a chance to speak in class.” He added, “She takes the time before and after class to talk with her students,” which made him feel more comfortable in the classroom. The environment Nerkurkar creates is appreciated by her students. Florian stated, “Chemistry has been one of my favorite classes this year, because of her.” 

Next year Nerkurkar will be moving on to a different school. She will be missed at Masters but not forgotten by students and faculty members.

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