Repudiating Trumpism: Why Georgia went blue

On top of Trump’s defeat in the national election, Georgia results represent a shift in American politics. After four years of Trump’s chaotic style of governing, voters have had enough.
Tara Phillips, Contributing Writer January 13, 2021

Fear can’t promote complacency

The fear of Covid-19 is taking a toll on activism. People are stepping back from taking a stand on current issues and find themselves overwhelmed with balancing their society and their health.
Andrew Mitchell, Sports Editor January 6, 2021

The new year won’t get rid of our old problems

New Year celebrations will be markedly different as we move from 2020 into 2021. With all that has happened these past twelve months, a new year will hopefully be a turning point in people's mindsets to try and overcome their problems.
Kira Ratan, Features Lead Editor December 31, 2020

Embracing healthy debate leads to political growth

M. Brody Leo, News Lead Editor December 16, 2020

Con: In-person learning, not worth all the risks

Con: In-person learning, not worth all the risks
Ethan Schlapp, Lead Sports Editor December 15, 2020

Pro: In-person learning, let’s go to school safely

Pro: In-person learning, let's go to school safely
Kira Ratan, Features Lead Editor December 15, 2020

It’s not a real team without real competition

Kwynne Schlossman'22, Franny Mann'21, Rachel Schwartz'21, and Rowan MchWhinnie'22 celebrating a victory against Sacred Heart, during their fall 2019 season.
Kwynne Schlossman, Web and Social Media Manager December 15, 2020

Democrats have evolved from 2016- but there still needs to be change

A car is decked out with a Biden-Harris sticker. Many others showed their support with similar merchandise.
Lance Leys, Accountability and Accuracy Manager November 18, 2020

Biden and Harris are not American saviors

After Biden and Harris' 2020 victory, Democrats everywhere celebrated. However, we cannot let our celebration draw from our activism.
Sophia Van Beek, Features Editor November 18, 2020

Cautiously celebrate Thanksgiving face-to-face

When celebrating Thanksgiving this November, gathering in larger groups is possible, if the appropriate precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those around us.
Sabrina Wolfson, Opinion Editor November 18, 2020
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