Masters family battles COVID-19 at home

Denis Sadrijaj '22 and his father working together outside in the yard. During quarantine, Sadrjijaj's family has had to cope with their father getting the COVID-19 virus.

George Chang, Staff Photographer

May 14, 2020

Testing for the coronavirus can be frightening, but sophomore Denis Sadrijaj found out during spring break that his father had tested positive for the virus. For weeks, Sadrijaj has been living with his recovering dad. Sadrijaj said that his dad no longer requires medication and is doing better day by day....

Power For Good: Essential workers in our community

Essential workers stand outside their hospital, receiving meals during their shifts. Healthcare workers have had to work extra shifts and take pay cuts due to the ongoing pandemic.

Kyla Barantsevitch, Contributing Writer

May 11, 2020

Grocery workers. Delivery people. ER nurses. The list of people who hold jobs that are considered “essential” can go on and on. Within our own school community there are many students whose parents are these types of workers. And while the current coronavirus pandemic compels millions of Americans t...

COVID-19 concerns force Broadway to go dark

After New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo's order not to gather in large groups was set in place, live entertainment industries, including Broadway, were forced to go dark and stop shows.

Lexi Wachen, Contributing Writer

May 11, 2020

It’s been 54 days since Broadway’s last spotlight went dark. This crisis has not only had an impact on the performers but creative teams, musicians, directors and programs. Throughout history, Broadway theatres have never experienced a closing this extensive, even after the shutdown after the terrorist ...

Faculty on campus explore uncharted territory

Faculty on campus explore uncharted territory

Tyler Conway, Sports Editor

May 7, 2020

Although most members of the Masters community have yet to return to campus since Head of School Laura  Danforth announced  that classes will be remote for the rest of the year,  many teachers who live on campus year round have elected to stay on campus while the world struggles with the ongoing cris...

COVID-19 affects mental health

Yasmine Pascal, Features Editor

May 5, 2020

There has been massive efforts from world leaders to control the spread of COVID-19  – from social distancing to curfews. This self-isolation period is having a large impact, both positively and negatively, on people’s mental health.   According to Upper School counselor Katya Ostor, this quarantine...

Zoom vs. Google Meet

Jiayun Tang

Lance Leys, Contributing Writer

May 5, 2020

As The Masters School adjusts to life in quarantine, students and teachers alike have been learning about Google Meet as a teaching tool. Many other high schools and colleges, however, have turned to Zoom as their own program of choice, or have even allowed teachers to pick whichever program suits th...

Masters getting through isolation

Leron Dugan's Painted Work of Art

Jacob Kriss, Accountability and Accuracy Manager

May 5, 2020

Many students at The Masters School are finding creative ways to keep themselves productive and mentally stable during quarantine.  Senior Sabian Grier said, “With social distancing being practiced, it has been difficult to find routine and embrace this new way of life.” Although social dist...

Quarantine has dramatically altered our sleep schedules

The effects of staring at a screen throughout the day, combined with the constant bombardment of coronavirus-related news has made it increasingly difficult for students and faculty to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

Kate Sibery, Features Lead Editor

May 2, 2020

This pandemic has undoubtedly caused stress and anxiety for nearly everyone, but it has also given some people more free time and flexibility within their schedule. Thus changes to our sleep schedules and behaviors have been commonplace.

European study suggests different social distancing rules for runners

This graphic illustrates the distance germs and bacteria (like COVID-19) can spread when one runs.

Tim Mathas, Opinion Editor

May 2, 2020

While it is understood that six feet apart is the optimal distance two individuals must be from each other in order to adhere to proper social distancing protocols, a recent study has brought into question whether this same rule applies for runners.  With lots of extra time being spent at home during quarantine, m...

Former Amazon supervisor protests working conditions and unprotected employees

A small group of Amazon employees protested at the JFK Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse in Staten Island in March, led by their then supervisor, Chris Smalls, to protest what he said were unsafe working conditions in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic. Smalls was fired two hours later.

Maia Keller and Kwynne Schlossman, Contributing Writers

May 1, 2020

Amazon has experienced tremendous growth these past few months despite the drop in the stock market on March 12. While on the outside it may seem Amazon is doing the best they can to help their community, an inside source unveiled his troubling perspective on the situation.  Chris Smalls, previously a supervisor, worke...

Blue light glasses in high demand as screen time spikes

Brian Wolfson examines a pair of blue light glasses. These glasses are becoming more popular as schools and businesses shift to online platforms; they help protect the eyes from blue light, which can cause eye discomfort when exposed for long periods of time.

Sabrina Wolfson, Contributing Writer

May 1, 2020

As the chaos of the coronavirus has continued to spread, school communities have been forced from their campuses, leaving students and teachers to explore the complexities of “virtual learning.” Consequently, the number of hours that students spend on their screens has practically doubled, propel...

Coronavirus Chronicles: living with a coronavirus patient

Sophomore Denis Sadrijaj washes off a bowl in his house. Sadrijaj helped care for his father who battled the coronavirus for many weeks.

George Chang, Staff Photographer

May 1, 2020

Testing for the coronavirus can be frightening, but sophomore Denis Sadrijaj found out during spring break that his father had tested positive for the virus. For weeks, Sadrijaj has been living with his recovering dad. Sadrijaj said that his dad no longer requires medication and is doing better da...

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