Student-teacher relationships are integral components to safe and productive learning environments. However, teachers must be able to care for their students without overstepping any professional boundaries.

Student-teacher boundaries: Defining fine lines

Kira Ratan, Editor-in-Chief June 8, 2021

Following the separation of former Upper School Science Teacher Andres Cárdenas from the Masters community in April 2021, for what Head of School Laura Danforth called in a community-wide email, a “pattern...

Olivia Rodrigo releases record-breaking debut album SOUR, tugging at the heartstrings of millions.

Olivia Rodrigo releases debut album “SOUR”

Carol Queiroz, Advertising Manager and Copy Editor May 28, 2021

By now, few people can say they have not heard of the name Olivia Rodrigo. The 18 year old actress, singer and songwriter has taken over social media platforms like TikTok with her record-breaking singles...

Students compose music for spring play

Carol Queiroz, Advertising Manager and Copy Editor May 26, 2021

A description of the NFT manufacturing process. As the market for NFTs has risen to prominence, NFTs have become an increasingly polarizing item on the market.

NFTs cause friction in crypto community

Lance Leys, Accountability and Accuracy Manager May 17, 2021

Even those who aren’t active members of the cryptocurrency or art communities have likely heard the term “NFTs”, or non-fungible tokens.  NFTs are an identifying code given to a digital work...

As the country grappled with social unrest after the murder of George Floyd, many Americans turned to books about racial justice to educate themselves and read about the issues.

Americans, grappling with racial justice, turn to books

Maya Phillips, Contributing Writer May 13, 2021

During the Summer of 2020 the country grappled with the death of George Floyd. In the midst of this social crisis, the US was suffering from a global pandemic. Confined to their homes, and feeling frustrated,...

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan star in Marvel Studios new Phase IV show The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. While the show had incorporated exiting moments for the MCU, it lacked originality and did not meet fan expectations overall.

New Marvel show tackles issues but lacks flair

Carol Queiroz, Advertising Manager and Copy Editor May 6, 2021

The season finale of Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has arrived, carefully building up Phase IV of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and ending Steve Rogers' legacy by introducing...

Director of Facilities Craig Dunne was recently promoted to captain of Tower Ladder 23 at the Dobbs Ferry Fire Department.

Craig Dunne promoted to fire captain

Carol Queiroz, Advertising Manager and Copy Editor May 6, 2021

Many know Craig Dunne as the campus Director of Facilities. He is often seen around campus managing heating and plumbing repairs, overseeing school renovations and taking care of all buildings. But when...

Middle School students sit in a recently constructed classroom in Strayer Hall. Remodeling spaces, such as Strayer and Doc Wilson Hall, was a major expense in bringing students and teachers back to school safely for in-person learning last fall.

Persevering in a pandemic world: Masters’ pandemic finances, June-Dec 2020

Logan Schiciano, TBN Producer May 1, 2021

In economics, there’s the concept of the price maker and the price taker. Price makers influence the market price and enjoy pricing power, but price takers must accept the prevailing market price. Independent...

Veronica Finnegan, the daughter of science
teacher Elisabeth Merrill, hugs Tucker, a cow rescued from
a petting zoo. Tucker is one of many farm animals that have been rescued by the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Sauger-
ties, NY. Tucker was saved and brought to the Sanctuary, where he has been given space and
freedom to grow, Finnegan said. In the past, the Sanctuary has also rescued animals
from hoarding situations, to brutal “backyard” farming operations.

Earth on alert: climate crisis localized

Logan Schiciano and Sophie Grand April 30, 2021

View the full version of this report on the implications of climate change in the greater New York City area, as well as features on current and former Masters' students involvement in environmental...

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