2019-2020 Staff

Michelle Wei


  Senior Editor-in-Chief Michelle Wei began her Tower experience as a blogger sophomore year, with her blog “Diversity Corner,” which focused on diversity issues on-campus. After blogging, Wei transitioned to writing...

Logan Schiciano


Logan Schiciano, a junior, is currently one of the editors-in-chief for Tower.  Schiciano has written on a variety of topics this years including a centerspread on Advanced Placement curricula, a special report on school...

Ellen Cowhey

Faculty Advisor

Ellen Cowhey has been advising Tower for the last 16 years, while also teaching World Religions, dorm parenting, co-curating Matters of Spirit and trying not to eat too many warm, gooey dining hall cookies. She got her start in ...

Matthew Ives

Faculty Advisor

Matt Ives was advisor to Tower in the late 1990s and early 2000's before taking a well-deserved break. He is back this year, enjoying the camaraderie and assisting the lead advisor, Ellen Cowhey.

Annie Rubinson

News Lead Editor

Senior News Lead Editor Annie Rubinson published her first Tower piece in 2017 as part of her year-long blog covering student activities. Two years and over thirty contributed articles later, she has served as a Staff Writer ...

M. Brody Leo

News Editor

Brody Leo is a junior and a news editor for the Tower staff. He works alongside senior Annie Rubinson to design the news section of the newspaper. He said he enjoys putting his work out for the world to read and is ready to t...

Nora Fellas

Opinion Lead Editor

Senior and lead opinion editor Nora Fellas is an ambitious activist who has already made her mark on the field of journalism. In addition to being published in Tower, Fellas has also been published in The New York Times after being one of the 11 wi...

Tim Mathas

Opinion Editor

Tim Mathas, a junior, works as an opinion editor in the Op-Ed section of Tower. His job entails designing pages on layout nights and editing stories within his section. He and his colleagues oversee all of the content for bloggers...

Sophie Grand

Opinion Editor

Junior, Sophie Grand, is an opinion editor. She enjoys playing sports, including tennis and lacrosse, writing stories, volunteering and creating art. Grand’s love for sports and her community are evident throughout her arti...

Kate Sibery

Features Lead Editor

While it is only Kate Sibery’s first year on Tower, she has clearly given the writing process 100% from the start.  She said that when writing an article, she loves the feeling of “the brainstorming process.” She said she likes ...

Yasmine Pascal

Features Editor

Yasmine Pascal is one of the three features editors on the Tower staff. Kate Sibery, another features editor, said that Pascal is very proficient in her writing and editing and has become good at layout–something foreign to h...

Owen Strier

Features Editor

Owen Strier, a sophomore, serves as one of the features editors for Tower. He has taken to the role quite well, covering the experiences of all members of the community, boarders and day students alike. He said he finds his mai...

Mitch Fink

Sports Lead Editor

Mitch Fink writes for Tower as the lead sports editor. While he’s been writing for the paper since freshman year and he’s now currently a junior, journalism is something he’s always been passionate about. Fink knew he wanted to b...

Gabriel Keller

Sports Editor

A senior at Masters, Gabe Keller plays many roles in the community. As a sports editor for Tower, he has written articles on the English Seminars and the swim team. Academically, Keller enjoys the rigor in classes such as Americ...

Tyler Conway

Sports Editor

Tyler Conway was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. Despite moving to New Jersey as a young child, Tyler continued his education in New York, attending schools in New York City until coming to The Masters School. A senior in highschool,...

Mattilynn Stone

Photo Editor

Oh, snap! The Tower Staff just got a new photo editor, Mattilyn Stone! From Uganda, Stone, a junior, has been a part of the Masters community for two years. When reflecting on her experience with Tower, Stone said, “It’s ki...

Kira Ratan

Web Editor & Social Media Manager

Kira Ratan is the hardworking sophomore behind Tower’s online platforms, working as the web editor and social media manager this year. Her passion for journalism began in eighth grade after writing a speech on a gun violence walkout.  She...

Kwynne Schlossman

Staff Writer

Writing has been a passion of sophomore, Kwynne Schlossman, ever since she could remember. She is so excited to be a contributor, conducting interviews and writing articles. Schlossman is interested in complex topics that will...

Carol Queiroz

Staff Writer

Carol Queiroz is an aspiring writer, editor and photographer for Tower. After taking an interest in student journalism in fifth grade, she is excited to be a contributing writer this year. If she's not working on a story or one o...

Ethan Schlapp

Staff Writer

Being the staff writer on Tower, Ethan Schlapp has written several articles, many revolving around sports. Schlapp, the ultimate sports lover, talks about football constantly when he is not writing sports articles for Tower. He m...

Sophia Van Beek

Copy Editor

Sophia Van Beek devotes much of her free time to Tower as a passionate writer and copy editor. This position gives her the perfect opportunity to geek out about grammar. Her spirit comes across in her articles as she explores...

Jacob Kriss

Accuracy and Accountability Manager

Jacob Kriss was born in New York City, where he spent the majority of his childhood. Now a junior at The Masters School, Jacob is a passionate writer who also enjoys eating food. Through english and journalism classes, Jacob has su...

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