2018-2019 Staff

Michelle Wei

Features Design Editor

Prior to her sophomore year, Michelle Wei was unsure of herself as a writer.  After following her mom’s advice and encouragement, she took an Introduction to Journalism class, where she discovered journalism was the exact outlet...

Annie Rubinson

Features Design Editor

  Annie Rubinson, Features Design Editor of Tower and a junior at Masters, looks to affect change in her community and ensure that relevant issues are covered. Rubinson joined Tower as a staff writer this past Septemb...

Shawn Farhadian

Lead Staff Writer

Shawn Farhadian, a budding journalist from Tuxedo Park, New York, refers to writing as his life’s passion. A high school senior and lead sports editor for Tower, his enthusiasm towards journalism is intoxicating. In the summer of 2018, Farhadian c...

Logan Schiciano

Sports Design Editor

Logan Schiciano is currently one of the sports page designers for Tower.While this is his first year on staff, Schiciano has experimented in writing a wide variety pieces, including his two pieces on students who do the arts/pl...

Eli Emery

Sports Design Editor

Elijah (Eli) Emery, Tower’s Sports Design Editor, joked that his favorite part of Tower is: “the room.” He enjoys spending late nights at layout with his friends in the Tower lab and “hanging out with Ms. Cowhey.” Eli got his ...

Jacob Strier

News Design Editor

Jacob Strier, a News Design Editor on Tower has been at Masters since the middle of his sophomore year. He has been writing for the newspaper almost as long as he's been here, saying that it was Ms. Cowhey who inspired him to j...

Mitch Fink

Web Content Manager

Mitch Fink, a Sophomore,  is the Web Content Manager and a Staff Writer on Tower. He’s been a journalist since 6th grade, when he worked on the Masters Middle School newspaper, called the Purple Panther Post. His favorite type ...

Jacob Kriss

Web Production Manager

Jacob Kriss was born in New York City, where he spent the majority of his childhood. Now a junior at The Masters School, Jacob is a passionate writer who also enjoys eating food. Through english and journalism classes, Jacob has su...

Gabe Keller

Staff Writer

Gabriel Keller, or Gabe, or Gabé, or Gabey (depends on who you ask), is a Junior from Cold Spring, New York and easily lives the farthest away for any day student. Gabe, a self-described meme connoisseur, is in his first year at T...

Alex Bentzien


Alex Bentzien, a senior at The Masters School, is a devoted writer with the hopes of pursuing a career in journalism. Since she joined Tower, Bentzien has held the positions of News Editor and Features Editor, and she is currently one...

Joseph Goldstein

Lead Op-Ed Editor

Joseph Goldstein, a New York City native and Tower’s lead Op-Ed Editor, is a senior who has been involved with the paper since 2017, his first year at Masters. Prior to joining Tower, Goldstein was the Editor-in-Chief of his mi...

Sarah Faber

Staff Writer

Sarah Faber, a staff writer on Tower, started her journalism career as a freshman with “Faber’s Foods,” a blog on Tower’s web page. After realizing her interest in journalism, she joined the Intro to Journalism class m...

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