Sue Greally

To the world she may be Sue Greally, but to Masters she’s so much more. She’s “Huddles:” a passionate swim coach, dorm director and P.E. teacher, and after 16 years, she’s departing Masters and leaving a lasting mark on the community.

During her time at Masters, Sue Greally never shied away from a challenge. From building both the Middle and Upper School swim programs from the ground up, to taking on the responsibility of caring for girls in McCormack dorm, to teaching middle schoolers to love physical education, she brought passion and determination to her work.

Greally said she will miss many things about Masters and its community, and hopes to see continued growth long after she’s gone.

“I’ll miss the kids, the girls in the dorm, and seeing them out of their school environment. I’ll miss coaching, because I love coaching, and I just hope that the swim program continues to bloom like it has been,” she said.

As Aquatics Director, Greally put Masters’ Upper School swim team on the map and founded the Middle School swim team. Under her leadership, Masters made appearances at the NYSAIS Swimming Championships for several years in a row. 

Junior Oliver Peterson, a member of the Varsity swim team, has known Greally for five years – since she started the middle school swim team – and talked about his time under Greally’s leadership and how she pushed him and his teammates to be the best they could be.

“You always knew that there was purpose and intent behind her words in the way she coached and talked to people. It helped me become a better swimmer,” he said.

As McCormack dorm director, Greally took on the responsibility of caring for upward of 20 girls day and night, and being a de facto parent for them during their time away from home. She said she loved seeing and interacting with the girls in McCormack ‘at home.’

Senior and two-year McCormack dorm resident Hannah Reynolds talked about her time with Greally in the dorms and seeing her determined work ethic outside McCormack, with the swim team and otherwise. She noted that Greally’s care and compassion for every girl was one of the biggest reasons her dorm felt like one big family, and will be grateful for all the memories she’s made with her, like making french toast, talking in the common room, or being cheered up by Greally after a hard school day.

“I will miss her outgoing genuine personality, joy and laughter. No matter the type of day you were having, she was always someone you could talk to on your way in and out of MCC and leave you feeling better than when she found you,” Reynolds said.

Greally’s colleague in the Athletics department, Meghan MacWilliams, raved about Greally’s endless enthusiasm and energy she brought to both athletics and working in the dorms. MacWilliams explained that it was exactly Greally’s contagious energy and commitment to the things she loves that made her such a good coach and dorm parent.

“She has this incredible ability to create relationships with students. She’s done it with the swim team, she’s done it on the track and field team, she’s done it with the middle school P.E. program, and she’s done it in the dorms,” MacWilliams said.

Reynolds added that Greally’s spirit and positive outlook on life will be missed by the school community, but she’ll certainly be leaving a glowing legacy at Masters.

Reynolds said, “She works hard for each and every student at Masters, and by being an example of this on a daily basis, she has taught people in this community to believe in their potential and to never stop striving for what they want out of life.”

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