Sydney Kadiyala

Sydney Kadiyala

A devoted and loved member of the Masters community, Sydney Kadiyala leaves a large legacy at Masters behind.

 Kadiyala has been teaching in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) for four years, teaching two courses: engineering, drawing and design as well as principles of engineering. Kadiyala also currently runs the robotics co-curricular and is the head coach of the school’s robotics team, and former coach of the Masters history bowl, quiz bowl, cybersecurity team, and math modeling. In all of her activities, Kadiyala strives to create environments comfortable for her students. “I feel like real learning is where students are comfortable in the classroom where students don’t feel like they need to feel their fake self, where they can be authentic and real,” she said. 

Kadiyala uses her energetic and positive disposition to keep students intrigued. Ninth-grader Elijah Brook said of her impact in the classroom: “Out of the teachers I have, she’s the most engaged teacher with the students. We make jokes and have fun in the class, but when it’s time to get serious, we get serious. So I find that Ms.Kadiyala has the perfect balance of being engaging and fun as a teacher”

After four years of working in the IEC, Kadiyala has formed strong relationships with teachers, especially John Chido, the department head. Chiodo and Kadiyala have formed a special bond connecting in and outside of school. Chido said, “When I hired Mrs. Kadiyala, I not only got a great teacher but I got a great friend out of it.”

Kadiyala’s devotion to the community goes further than just in the classroom. She is also the director of Ford dorm. She said she loves to see students outside of the classroom and she enjoys connecting with the boarders in her dorm. Sophomore Jocelyn Acevedo, a member of Ford dorm, said, “Ms. Kadiyala has been my dorm parent for two years now, and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed my time with her being my dorm parent. She would always check in to make sure I was okay.”

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