Taylor invites Swifties to “meet her at midnight”


Chana Kim

Taylor Swift from the cover of Midnights, as drawn by Chana Kim.

Aurora Rose Horn, Lead Copy Editor

Swifties, rejoice: TS10 has finally arrived! Taylor Swift’s tenth album, titled “Midnights,” came out on the 21st of October after having been hyped up for months. 

The album is, in my opinion, skipless: every single song on it absolutely goes hard. My favorite, though, is “Lavender Haze,” the first track on the album, and what an opener it is! I personally think it’s very à propos how the opening line of the song is “meet me at midnight”, because since many Swifties stayed up until midnight to hear the album when it was released, they were literally meeting her at midnight. In “Lavender Haze,” Swift speaks to her love- presumably Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend of five years- about how despite society’s scrutiny of her, he has stayed by her side. This is illustrated by lyrics such as “I been under scrutiny, you handle it beautifully” and “They’re bringing up my history, but you weren’t even listening.”

Another track from the album which I adore is “Karma.” When Swift announced that there would be a song titled “Karma” on the album, the Swifties collectively lost their mind; there had long been a theory that Swift had a lost album between 1989 and Reputation called Karma. The song does indeed sound like it fits in between those two albums, with its upbeat tune, trap beat, and lyrics about, well, karma. 

Conversely, one song from the album that underwhelmed me was “Snow On The Beach,” a collab with Lana Del Rey. Don’t get me wrong; the track is still a great one. It was just quite disappointing how little of Del Rey was heard in it. It’s not that surprising considering that most of Swift’s collabs with female artists just feature the other artist on backing vocals, but as a passionate Lana Del Rey fan I had had my hopes up, sadly in vain. 

All in all, though, on a scale of one to ten I’d give “Midnights” a thirteen, Swift’s lucky number. The album encompasses every emotion, from making me dance to making me cry– a classic trademark of Swift’s music.