Rustic-chic restaurant blows away foodies


Sarah Faber/TOWER

Sarah Faber, Blogger

When I walked into the “rustic-chic” Parlor, the first thing I saw was a spray painted mural on exposed brick of an angel making pizza; then the fairy lights, the wall of parking tickets, and the wood fired pizza oven with a pair of lips graffitied on for a cool and edgy and punk-rock vibe. Everything on the menu was the kind of trendy food that’s all over instagram. Here are the highlights of the meal:

Parlor Pocket: There’s a soft-boiled egg cooked to yolk-spilling perfection and it’s covered in a crispy shell of wood fired pizza dough. The whole shabang rests on a bed of ricotta cheese and is drizzled with truffle oil. It was insanely creamy and delicious and amazing.

Brussels Sprouts: When the metal bowl of brussels sprouts, parmesan, and rice crispies came to the table, my inner old man was skeptical of this dish that seemed like it was trying too hard to be cool and modern. But they were some of the best brussels sprouts I’ve ever had. The sauce tasted like the sauce on sweet and sour chicken; it was tangy and a little bit spicy, and different in a good way.

Polpette Pizza: None of the pizzas that are served are cut into 8 slices like regular pizzas. The pizzas are served with ambidextrous kitchen shears so you can DIY your own slice.  The polpette pizza has tomato sauce, ricotta, and little meatballs on it They used the legit ricotta on the pizza and the base tomato sauce is really flavorful  10/10 would recommend.

Everything Bagel Pizza: Right! I don’t even like bagels, I honestly just ordered it because I thought it would be cool to write about. But I really liked the everything bagel pizza!  It had a thick layer of the good farmer’s market mozzarella  that they always go on about on the food network and was topped with a generous amount of everything bagel spice and a runny egg. As you found out 3 paragraphs earlier, there’s nothing I cherish more in this life than a runny egg. If you like everything bagels, you should order this pizza.

We ordered desserts, but nothing blew me away so much that I had to write about it. All in all, I left the Parlor feeling very full and very content with my meal. The service was great, the food was great, the atmosphere was great; I’m ready to go back tomorrow.