The Cookery: what’s not to love?


Sarah Faber/TOWER

Sarah Faber, Blogger

I’d be lying if I said being 0.4 miles away from the Cookery wasn’t at least a small factor in my decision to come to the Masters School. The tables are very modern-refurbished wood (very Brooklyn-esque), the pasta is handmade, there is a pop-art version of the Last Supper hanging up on the wall next to a colorful painting of a pig, and the people are friendly. Here are some highlights from the meal:


Mozzarella: All we can really hope for in this life are carbs and cheese. The ball of mozzarella comes with two slices of grilled bread that I can tell are homemade and probably from the farmers market. Other than some olive oil and sea salt, that is all. It is beautifully fresh and simple.


Ravioli: For the last 4 years, I have ordered the ravioli every time I come to the Cookery. It never disappoints. The ravioli is filled with smooth pureed cauliflower and cheese, and it sits in a lemony brown butter sauce. It is topped with parmigiano and breadcrumbs which not only makes the dish look pretty, but adds a crunch.


Chocolate Polenta: The chocolate polenta comes in a mason jar with graham cracker crust on the bottom and torched marshmallows on top. It’s the love child of chocolate pudding and s’mores, but with a different, somewhat gelatinous texture.


The Cookery is only an 11 minute walk from Masters. Do yourself a favor and go.