Cedar Street Grill


Sarah Faber/TOWER

Sarah Faber, Blogger

Walking into Cedar Street Grill, I could immediately sense the homey, family vibe. According to the 2012 New York Times article framed on the wall, Cedar Street Grill is owned and operated by the Kay family. The wood tables, brick walls, and chalkboards (that listed names of local farms that the ingredients come from) hanging up added to the “True american” tavern feel. Here are some highlights from the meal:


Mac and Cheese: Can you really go wrong with pasta and cheese? The sauce was creamy without being too watery or too think, the breadcrumbs on top added a much needed crunch, and the thyme helped to make the mac and cheese different from one you could find at a grocery store and elevated it.


Beet Salad: The beet salad was a healthy and refreshing option. The beets sit on a bed of farro, with arugula and lemon vinaigrette on top. All of the ingredients tasted fresh, the farro wasn’t chewy, and the lemon vinaigrette was light and flavorful.


French Onion Soup: Soup is always perfect on a chilly day, and the french onion soup from Cedar Street Grill was no exception. The onions were sweet and stood out instead of having their flavor be masked by the broth. Bubbling, melty, cheese draped over the bowl.


Garlic Herb Fries: I consider potatoes to be one of my major food groups, so I have high standards when it comes to french fries. These fries were thick cut, crispy without being greasy, and the garlic was enough to taste without ruining your breath.


All and all, I was not disappointed by Cedar Street Grill. It was the perfect American comfort food, elevated.