Caio Lanes

Caio Lanes is running for one of two 2020-2021 co-chair slots. He hopes to prioritize inclusivity in executive committee, as well as Masters’ “return to normalcy” next year.

Meet the co-chair candidates: Caio Lanes

Five candidates will go head to head in Masters’ first ever virtual co-chair elections on April 30. Here’s everything you need to know about finalist Caio Lanes before casting your ballot.

“I like to think of myself as an ambitious person,” Caio Lanes said, reflecting upon his decision to run for one of next year’s co-chair slots.

A Brazil native, Model United Nations delegate and two-term Boarding Representative, Lanes has sponsored six executive committee proposals in three years, the first being in the January of his freshman year. One of his recent proposals limited the number of study halls sophomores can have in one eight-day cycle. 

Lanes said he believes his extensive involvement in executive committee makes him an especially qualified candidate for co-chair. 

“It’s important to elect someone who has experience in executive committee so we can make sure that topics are discussed properly and thoroughly,” Lanes said. Lanes added that he hopes to poll the student body on what issues they feel should be discussed every week, in order to increase transparency and elevate participation in in executive committee. 

“It’s the job of the co-chair to make people feel included, and make sure everyone has their voice heard,” he said. “They should feel represented by the decisions we are making.”

Lanes said he derived much of his leadership ability from being a proctor in Strong Dorm. 

“[It] has helped me get used to talking to students and acting as a mediator from the school to the students,” he said.

Lanes said he also plans to prioritize facilitating Masters’ “return to normalcy” next fall as the community readjusts to in-person learning. 

Lanes said, “This community has helped me, and being the best co-chair I can be would be a good opportunity to thank them.”

Editors’ Note: This story originally published Lanes has sponsored eight bills in three years, which has now been accurately corrected to six bills in three years.

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