Masters Winter semi-formal postponed and maybe canceled

Maya Phillips, Opinion Lead Editor

After the recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron virus, Upper School Student Activities and Transportation Coordinator Ed Gormley, decided to postpone the annual winter semi-formal dance. The dance was initially scheduled for Jan. 29. 

“We tried really hard to make that happen but right now with the way things are going it’s just not possible…  In my honest opinion, the chances of semi-formal happening are low. Even if we are peaking now, I think we are going to be dealing with Omicron well into the spring,” he said.

Gormly suggested that if Covid numbers get lower and the health advisory approves, semi-formal might happen. “If it is at all reasonable and possible we will still have it.”

As of now semi-formal will not be officially canceled until Spring break, meaning semi-formal will not happen after the month of March.

Maddie Marlowe and Maddy Israel at semi-formal in 2020 (Lauren Marlowe)