Cabral leaves Masters after 10 years


Andrew Mitchell

Cabral will leave Masters after 10 years. Community members expressed that she will be greatly missed.

Andrew Mitchell, Lead News Editor

Math teacher Anna Cabral Drew is known for her sing-songy “hello” greeting whenever she walks into a room, bringing an “infectious positivity” and “enormous smile,” as described by students. After 10 years, Cabral will say goodbye to Masters.

Whether it be in the classroom, in the pool, or taking a prominent role in the math Halloween Video, Cabral brought a contagious positivity, explained Nate Meyer, a student of Cabral’s for two years. “I was never even afraid to take a math test in her class. While normally a test brings fear and anxiety, Ms. Cabral’s demeanor and presence was always soothing, even when I was the most unprepared,” Meyer said.

Meyer explained that this attitude did not only come through in her presence, but her commitment to teaching. “Ms. Cabral created the curriculum for Problem Based Algebra II Trigonometry. She saw a way that she could infuse math with the collaborative nature of Masters. She brought problem solving and community into the classroom, even if it meant struggling with one another.”

Community has been a key part of Cabral’s Masters experience living on campus with her family for the last eight years and growing close to those around her. Cabral explained, “It has been amazing. The girls in the dorms have babysat my kids. My children have grown up with ready-made playmates. My colleagues have taken care of my kids. It’s really nice,” Cabral said.

Cabral emphasized the family-like culture that the math department has created over her time at Masters. “Everyone is very generous with each other in terms of time, resources and sharing best practices in terms of teaching. I still communicate with Mr. Turrow to get help with teaching linear algebra…and he always responds right away,” Cabral said. “It’s a very, very tight knit department.”

Math teacher Michael Comerford spoke about how Cabral will be missed by the Math Department. “She is always so enthusiastic when working with students and such a crucial part of the department. We will really miss her.” Comerford said.

Cabral will move North to Syracuse to teach in the Jamesville-Dewitt Public schools. She explained the change will be an adjustment, but one she is excited about. 

Cabral explained that she will miss the students immensely. “I’ve worked at a few schools, but one thing I noticed is that the students are genuinely nice to each other. I see an effort to really actually be kind to each other. I see respect as a very important value. The student body really understands these values here,” Cabral said.