A map of the world shows the variances in time zones across the areas where Masters students are residing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance learning alters international students’ schedules

Owen Strier and Gabe Keller, Features Editor and Sports Editor May 5, 2020

With the recent events surrounding COVID-19, the closure of Masters and the dorms, many of the international students are facing challenges with the online schooling that has been put into place. Most...

Jiayun Tang

Zoom vs. Google Meet

Lance Leys, Contributing Writer May 5, 2020

As The Masters School adjusts to life in quarantine, students and teachers alike have been learning about Google Meet as a teaching tool. Many other high schools and colleges, however, have turned to Zoom...

The effects of staring at a screen throughout the day, combined with the constant bombardment of coronavirus-related news has made it increasingly difficult for students and faculty to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

Quarantine has dramatically altered our sleep schedules

Kate Sibery, Features Lead Editor May 2, 2020
This pandemic has undoubtedly caused stress and anxiety for nearly everyone, but it has also given some people more free time and flexibility within their schedule. Thus changes to our sleep schedules and behaviors have been commonplace.

Traveling amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Kate Sibery, Features Lead Editor March 29, 2020

Prior to the spread of the coronavirus to the U.S. and the subsequent panic that ensued, my family had been planning to spend our spring break in Hawaii. As the scale of the virus increased and reached...

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