The fear of Covid-19 is taking a toll on activism. People are stepping back from taking a stand on current issues and find themselves overwhelmed with balancing their society and their health.

Fear can’t promote complacency

Andrew Mitchell, Sports Editor January 6, 2021

In 2018, I went to a March for Our Lives protest to end gun violence in our nation. School shootings seemed like they were happening every single day. I was afraid. In 2019, I went to the Climate Strike...

Vaccine rollout has commenced in the U.S. as public figures including President-Elect Joe Biden and current Vice President Mike Pence have received their first doses.

Twists and turns on the road to a Covid vaccine

Kate Sibery, Editor-in-Chief December 22, 2020

The forgotten history of vaccination  Childhood used to be far more deadly than it is today. A little over a century ago, the infant mortality rate in the United States stood at a staggering 20 percent,...

The draining effect of spending hours upon hours in front of a computer screen, five feet away from my bed is not to be diminished by citing the risk Covid presents. As a school, we have the resources to keep those who want to stay in-person, in-person.

Mental health should not be secondary to Covid concerns

Kate Sibery, Editor-in-Chief November 5, 2020

We need to be back in school, and we need to stay there, for the sake of our mental health.  Over the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in awareness of and treatment for mental health issues...

Denis Sadrijaj 22 and his father working together outside in the yard. During quarantine, Sadrjijajs family has had to cope with their father getting the COVID-19 virus.

Masters family battles COVID-19 at home

George Chang, Staff Photographer May 14, 2020

Testing for the coronavirus can be frightening, but sophomore Denis Sadrijaj found out during spring break that his father had tested positive for the virus. For weeks, Sadrijaj has been living with his...

Essential workers stand outside their hospital, receiving meals during their shifts. Healthcare workers have had to work extra shifts and take pay cuts due to the ongoing pandemic.

Power For Good: Essential workers in our community

Kyla Barantsevitch, Contributing Writer May 11, 2020

Grocery workers. Delivery people. ER nurses. The list of people who hold jobs that are considered “essential” can go on and on. Within our own school community there are many students whose parents...

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