Arthur dominates Girls Lacrosse for her Senior Season


Josh Markowitz

Camila Arthur was one of the three seniors in this year’s Lacrosse Team.

Sandra Liu, Social Media Manager

Camila Arthur ‘23 has always loved playing lacrosse. As one of the three seniors on this year’s girls’ varsity lacrosse team, her importance is greatly recognized by the team. 

At the beginning of the season, girls’ varsity lacrosse did not find much success. They lost three away games in a row. After a long adjustment, the team has finally found the tactics and strategy that suits them best. They won a home match against the Marymount School on April 21, with 15:14 and have not lost since. “Camila is always driven. She cares a lot about the team. She just wanted to make sure everyone is okay,” Sabine Godwin 23’, Arthur’s longtime teammate, explained.

Arthur started playing lacrosse at Masters her sophomore year. However, Masters is not the starting line of her lacrosse career. Arthur found her passion for lacrosse at a young age: when she started playing lacrosse in the sixth grade,  she realized that she had talent in this sport. She said, “I joined the lacrosse team in my middle school because it was a requirement. It was frustrating at first because I couldn’t grasp how to cradle, but I continued to practice and I began to really enjoy playing on the field.”

Arthur’s obsession with lacrosse was sparked by many different factors. “I love lacrosse because playing gives you this crazy feeling of freedom and control. The field is my favorite place to let go of some anger, learn new skills, and meet new people,” she said. 

After three losses at the beginning of the season, the team has gone undefeated. Arthur said the team’s last game against Wooster left an impression on her. “We put an end to their undefeated season. We had a solid defense and consistent communication, and our team bond grew stronger the longer we played.”

As she said, the team cannot win without cohesion, and the bond between this team is uniquely close. “My best memories from this season were prepping team pb&j’s with Jennica, competitions during practice, team breakfast, our last game, and our numerous munchkin celebrations,” Arthur said

This season was Arthur’s final lacrosse season at Masters. Even though she will not continue to play lacrosse in college, the rare experiences and deep friendships that lacrosse has brought her will always be with her.