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The student-run news site of The Masters School


The student-run news site of The Masters School


Speaker Mike Johnson, giving a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Eye on the Prize: Part 4
Mason Dwek, TBN News Director • April 10, 2024

Step 4: Collaborate with Speaker Mike Johnson On October 25, 2023, history was made when, for the first time, a second Speaker of the House...

Meet the maestro of student activities:

Ed Gormley
Matthias Jaylen Sandoval
Ed Gormley loves to bond with students and you can always find him in his office interacting with students and giving out snacks.

What happened when Mr. Gormley tied everyone’s shoe laces together?… They went on a weekend trip. A classic Gormley joke to those who know but what about those who don’t?

Well, Ed Gormley is the Director of Student Activities and Transportation at Masters. Gormley’s job is to organize activities for all Upper School students to participate in weekly. Students can find the events and activities in a weekly email called, “The Scoop.” He sends out this email every Wednesday at 9 p.m. exactly, always with a joke or a riddle to go along with it.

Some of the more popular trips Gormley runs every year are to Rye Playland, Six Flags, Jones Beach, and a wide variety of sporting events including MLB, NBA, and NFL games. He also runs popular trips to New York City and Broadway shows. Some of these trips do require you to sign up in advance, and he will always send out emails letting the community know.

On more relaxed weekends, trips and activities will still be offered to go to locations including the mall, the movies, and restaurants. He also plans campus events like s’mores, campfires, and dances. If anyone is interested in planning a trip or activity, they can drop by his office on the first floor of the Fonseca Center, next to the Cafe, and pitch their idea, or email him.

Gormley expressed that he loves his job because of the interactions he’s able to have with students. He said, “Honestly, the best part about my job is when the students come to my office and just want to hang out and talk and grab a snack and say hello. That’s what keeps me coming back year after year. It’s interacting with the students.” 

Gormley hopes that students, new and returning, always know that his door is open. “I want students to know that they can talk to me, and that I’m here. My door is always open. Sometimes, the thing is that when I sit and talk, I may have to work while I talk. But if they just want to sit and not talk and just sit there and kind of veg out because they need the space and the time to do so, then my office is the safe place to do that, and that’s okay with me.”

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