Students celebrate the coming spring in a shower of color

    Students stared in awe as, at long last, a layer of vibrant rainbow powder covered the quad in a dazzling display of color. The reason for this beautiful sight is none other than Holi, the Hindu festival marking the coming of spring.

    Originally observed by people on the Indian subcontinent, documentation of Holi celebrations date back to the 4th century CE. The night before Holi it is customary to burn a pyre to signify purging evil spirits. On the day of the festivities, people paint the streets in a rainbow of colored powder as they toss it at each other. 

    Asian Culture Club Co-Presidents Sonali Rao ‘24 and Gharvin Ramnarse ‘24 presented at Morning Meeting before spring break about the celebration of this joyous festival. After being postponed multiple times due to the weather, Rao and Ramnarse are bringing the Holi celebration to Masters campus for the first time, inviting students and faculty to join them in throwing the signature colored powder and appreciating the coming spring. 

    Despite the weather complications, organizing the event was simple according to Ramnarse. “Getting funding for it was really easy because it’s a very major Indian holiday and we’re inviting the whole school to celebrate,” he said. 

    “I have some really fond memories of just throwing Holi powder at my friends,” Rao said, “It was just such a fun time.”

    That joy Rao felt carried through to the in-school celebration. Senior Fia Marrison recounted her experience participating in the festivities. “It was so much fun. It was just so exciting seeing so many people engaging in this event.”

    Holi is a beautiful celebration of the triumph of good over evil, fertility and new beginnings. In these trying times, it is certainly nice to see the Masters community come together and appreciate the coming of something brighter.

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