Ron Morales takes on new weight room coach position


Ron Morales coaches a student during Thursday weight room training session.

Ariel Censor, Op-ed Editor

When former weight room coach Richard Podlovitz suddenly left his position after winter break to go to the Police Academy, athletic director Kevin Versen had to hire a new coach fast.

“We were in a pinch but we got lucky,” Versen said. “I get resumes sent to me and I keep them in a file. I remembered Ron Morales’ as particularly good. He was my first call.”

New weight room coach Ron Morales works at the New York Athletic Club as a fitness professional. He trains clients ranging from ages 18 to 85. He also is a soccer coach at Classic Soccer Academy.

Versen believes that the weight room program will develop in a way that is more suited to Masters’ athletes needs because of the new coach. “It’s more of a body weight workout that you can build on rather than moving directly to weights, which is better for our athletes,” Versen said. Our sports aren’t for bulk, they’re more for athleticism, so this program is a good fit.”

Morales’ goals for weight room this year is for students to learn how to do exercises properly. “I want the students to learn proper form and for them to want to keep coming back to weight room to learn and improve upon it further,” he said.

Morales also emphasized the importance of a strong relationship between coach and athlete. “I want to get to know the students and build a relationship where they can come to me for advice,” Morales said. “I can do my best to help them out with their personal goals and nutrition.”