Ms. Rechtman now


Leo Psaros, Sports Editor

Last year in March, longtime  teacherJane Rechtman announced she had been diagnosed with  cancer and was leaving Masters.

A teacher of world religions teacher from 1975-1980, Rechtman  came back in 1996 to teach world religions as well as act as the class dean of the class of 2009 and the class of 2013.

Rechtman said “I usually wake up around 9, get tea, read The New York Times until 11, get dressed, then I meet friends for lunch. I also take a watercolor class, will volunteer at an environmental organization on the Hudson and the public library. I’m also a big traveler and recently visited England, California, and Florida.  I hope to go to Colombia, Canada, Japan and the Pacific Northwest by the end of the summer. I also have chemotherapy three times a week.”

Rectman has recently been subbing for World History I and II.  She noted with bemusement that in two years no students will recognize her. But she though it was really good to come back to Masters.

She said, “It was great to see people I know, both students and faculty. I really like the people and also the energy of the place as a whole.”