Regular courses put students at a disadvantage

Rajan Cutting, Opinion Editor

As the year winds down we grow restless in anticipation of summer; but, at the same time optimistic for the upcoming school year. Towards this time younger students seek the counsel of older students as they decide on what courses display rigor to potential colleges and their families.

Thankfully, Masters is known for its strong academics and students are told whatever courses one decides to pursue

 A difference is natural and to be expected but I think it’s alarming when this gap attributes to regular courses getting easier instead of AP and honors courses being harder. This isn’t true to all regular courses but for the most part I feel an absence of challenge.she will be challenged. Unfortunately this isn’t entirely true. I see a continuous gap growing between regular courses compared to honors or AP.

I’m finding from my own experience and those of my peers, taking regular classes is tantamount to putting yourself at a disadvantage. Students in these classes are learning less at a much slower place. This is wrong because in a way it traps students.

Those students who are interested in pursuing accelerated courses for next year constantly have to prepare themselves for potentially not knowing much of the material. Also, for those courses that don’t offer honors or AP at every level, such as languages, it gives students no options. If they are passionate about a language they are held back by the restricting pace of the class.

In order to bring more parity between accelerated and regular class’s regular courses need to be more challenging and move at quicker paces. Having regular classes move at a quicker pace would make our program more rigorous and make classes more meaningful.