Disappointed: A letter to America

Journalism students’ letters to America after the election of America’s 45th president

Bridget Slakas, Contributing Writer

Dear America,

I wonder how much this country must hate women. We must hate the idea of someone with ovaries and a fallopian tubes leading this country so much, that they would pass over a well-qualified, smart, informed candidate for an openly racist, homophobic business-man. This businessman who has on record, recounted stories of his “conquests” which in reality are tales of sexual assault. How much hate and contempt must this country have for muslims, to want to persecute them and treat everyone like a terrorist threat.

Dear Mr. President,

My best friend is not a terrorist.

I am not an object to be used for your pleasure.

Illegal immigrants and Mexicans are not rapists and drug dealers.

Whether I marry a man or a woman is none of your damn business.

America is not a white supremacists’ play ground,

Or is that not oKKK with you?




Introduction to Journalism students at Masters wrote letters to America, sharing their reactions to Donald Trump’s victory in this week’s presidential election. Tower will be posting these reactions over the next few days as members of the community try to understand the significance of this major shift in our political landscape.