“Cheap 52” The Car Behind the band

Jacob Kriss, Web Production Manager

Jacob Kriss
the Cheap 52 car sits in its spot onClinton Ave.

The rusting, blue vintage car on Clinton Ave, nicknamed “Cheap 52” after its license plate, has resided on Clinton Avenue for an unknown duration of time. This ancient-looking automobile has captured the attention of everyone in the Masters community: “The car’s antiquity makes me think of the past and feel a sense of nostalgia,” senior Kendra Cooper-Smith said. Despite the common interest towards this car in our community, the basic question still remains, “Whose car is it, and why is it for sale?” Due to Cheap 52’s mysterious appearance the attention it attracts has resulted not only in a Masters student’s band being named after it, but also the band’s interest in possibly acquiring the car for a quoted $3,000.

Junior Thomas Scheuer says that the car has been around Masters since he enrolled in 2013. Scheurer also recalls his initial reaction to the car: “It probably wasn’t the best idea for me to sit on the car’s hood, but since seventh grade I had pictured that as my album cover with the band name Cheap 52.” Despite not having a license, Scheuer has contacted the owner to discuss the condition and price of the vehicle. “I’m surprised that it functions like a normal car. Last time I checked, the floor of the car was so rusted and broken away, you could actually see the street looking down into it, and I’ve seen rats just chilling on the seats.” Although Cheap 52 has seen better days, Scheuer as well as many other members of the Masters community hope to one day see it as something more than forgotten history.