Gould Park pool begins construction

A view of the construction site

Sophia VanBeek

A view of the construction site

Sophia VanBeek, Staff Writer

Local Dobbs Ferry families are excited about the reveal of the new pool in Gould Park, a town park located off Beacon Hill and Ashford Avenue. The Village of Dobbs Ferry began construction of the pool in April, and it is expected to be completed by the summer of 2019, according to the Recreation Department. Although the pool is at the forefront of the renovations, the playground in the park is also being renovated. According to the Village website, the construction is expected to cost $1.25 million in total, which was financed largely from the Village bond and recreation funds.

The Superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department, Kendra Garrison, says, “there have been plans going all the way back to 2008. The pool that is currently under construction is similar but not exact to the original plan.” Construction has been going fairly seamlessly so far, with only issues surrounding utilities.

Along with the new facility, it is promised that the park will accommodate Village events, swimming competitions, and aquatic programs for all ages. The park, although currently under construction, is an area where kids often go to play on the basketball courts, watch sports games, or hang out on the playground. Being centrally-located in town, and only a few blocks from the Dobbs Ferry Middle and High School, Gould Park is a popular place for students to convene.

The age group that most largely visits the park, according to the Parks Department, is those in grades K-5. On average, roughly 50-100 residents visit Gould Park on a given weekend. During the summertime, the town’s day camp used the pool daily for swimming lessons.  


Ninth-grader at Dobbs Ferry High School, Olivia Hasbrouck, goes to Gould Park a few days a week. She says that the renovation has interfered with her ability to enjoy and attend the park, but she is overall in favor of the renovation. Hasbrouck has her doubts about the estimated completion date, saying “I assume it won’t be done [in time for summer].”