News Brief: Thanksgiving food drive for the Children’s Village


Courtesy of Children's Village

Pictured above, Children’s Village is helping provide meals to those that are facing food insecurity, and assisting young people to help them become economically independent and socially responsible.

Sabrina Wolfson, Opinion Editor

This November, Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping (MISH), held their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive for The Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry. Children’s Village works with young people to help them become independent and economically responsible, as well as being an aid for the rise in food insecurity. After precautions were put in place due to COVID-19, MISH worked to collect money donations only, to ensure safety and air on the side of precaution. 

A competition between grades was put in place as an incentive to increase donations. With the highest two amounts raised, the ninth and eleventh grades were able to raise $1,785 and $2,015 respectively. Following closely behind, the tenth and twelfth classes donated $1,501 and $707. As of Nov. 17, this meant that a combination of student, faculty, and parent donations were able to raise $6,008 via Apple Pay, credit card, or Venmo.