The Queen of Procrastination


Aslı Noyan, Blogger

As a high school student I have assignments to complete, deadlines to meet and papers to turn in. However, since I am the biggest procrastinator there ever was, I tend to find “things” to do that prevent me from starting my work. If there is something I should be doing chances are I won’t be doing it. My brain somehow manages to come up with “tasks” that need to be completed the minute I sit down to start an assignment. For example, the minute I sit down I have an urge to organize my socks drawer and match my socks (who does that). Another day, I spend 30 minutes looking for the “right” pen. When I find the right pen I spend 10 minutes doodling. I do all of the above (especially on week days) until 8 pm and then comes the panic attacks. “I will not be able to turn in this essay on time and I’ll fail my English class and I’ll NEVER GET INTO COLLEGE.”  You would think I would learn from the anxiety of the previous day and do not make the same mistake but, no, I wake up the next day and do the exact same thing and then wonder why I got a 75 on my last test.

However, rarely I have these adult moments where I have the discipline to start the work that needs to be done without procrastinating or doing seven things at once and failing them all. I think I am slowly learning (yeah, keep telling yourself that) to motivate myself to do something productive every once in a while.