Boarders Gather for October Community Weekend

Carlos Heredia, Marketing Director

The October 14-16 weekend marked the third community weekend of the 2022-23 school year. Seven-day boarders were required to stay on campus and five-day boarders were allowed to stay and be a part of the activities that weekend. Activities included a museum trip, community brunch, and apple picking. The weekend started strong with a performance that night in the CBT from mentalist Robert Channing. His accurate guesses and descriptions of random objects, numbers, and answers to questions written on paper captured the crowd’s attention and kept them engaged.

Sophomores Richard Wagner, Christian Van Steenkiste, and Brody Dubilier jump out of their chairs to have their items guessed. Channing not only correctly guessed Richard’s flip-phone, but the cell network too. (Ryan Guan)

“It was very fun. He read a lot of people’s minds and it was insane how he was able to read off of people’s cards without using his eyes, that was pretty cool”, said senior Luna Minnifield. My favorite part was with Matthias and Eunice when he told them to go out in the crowd and collect six random items from the crowd. He guessed the first four, and didn’t mention the last two until the very end when he told them to give it back to the crowd.”

Later that night, Thompson hosted the first open dorm of the year, during which people ate snacks, danced in the common room, and got to visit friends’ rooms.

“I’m new, so I’ve never really had an open dorm before, but it was an enjoyable experience and I think it was fun for everyone else to see mine and the rest of Thompson dorm’s living space,” said sophomore Brody Dubilier.

On Saturday, boarders and some day students went to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Students got to see works such as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, and even Frank Ocean’s Blonde album cover.

“I wasn’t part of the trip at first – though I saw that my friends were in the city – but they invited me and I pulled up. It was pretty fun; my favorite exhibit was the one with the Frank Ocean picture. It was really cool,” Matthew Hantgan, sophomore and day student, said. “I liked being around the art, it had such a great vibe.”

Junior Emily Brieske performs at the Cole dorm brunch (Ryan Guan)

On Sunday morning boarders gathered in the Dining Hall for Cole Dorm’s community brunch, the second one this year following Strong’s brunch in September. The Dining Hall was decorated to suit Cole’s Halloween theme with cobwebs and ghosts, and an all black dress code was set. Students in Cole decided to assign people to random tables to encourage people to form new connections with people that they might not speak with regularly.

Crowd at the Cole dorm brunch (Ryan Guan)

“The idea to sit with people you don’t know with random table assignments was pretty nice. I got to sit with Ms. Jansen, Ms. Danforth, Demo, Bob and Jerome. It was pretty good, we got into a deep conversation.” junior Elijah Brooks said.

Cole dorm community brunch program. (Ellen Cowhey)

Later that Sunday a smaller group of boarders stopped by Wilkens Farm to do some apple picking.

“It was pretty good, I really liked it,” sophomore Velizar Lazarov said, “I got to spend time with my friends and overall it was really fun.”

Senior Peter Vega, sophomore Patrick Phillip, and juniors Elijah Brooks and Emmanuel Harris pose with their apples. (Peter Vega)