Edith Chapin ‘83 speaks to inspire the next generation of Tower


Ryan Guan

New Executive Producers of Tower Broadcast News, Azariah Charles and Zara Suvanto listen to Head of the Board of Trustees Edith Chapin’s response to their question about journalistic integrity.

Lucas Seguinot, Editor-in-Chief

On May 18, Chair of The Masters School Board of Trustees and former member of Masters Tower, Edith Chapin ‘83 imparted wisdom to Tower and Tower Broadcast News staff in a luncheon in the Sharon Room. 

During the one-hour lunch, journalism students asked Chapin questions about her long and successful career in journalism. After graduating from Masters and being a devoted member of the Tower staff for three years, Chapin moved on to the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Chapin has even earned her place in the  Medill Hall of Fame.

Following her university education, she climbed the ranks in CNN holding positions such as Vice President and Deputy Bureau Chief. In 2012, Chapin moved over to work at National Public Radio where she now holds the position of Interim VP of News and Editorial Director.

 Chapin has met with Tower staff on at least two previous occasions, but this year’s luncheon holds special value as Chapin is stepping down from her position on the Masters Board of Trustees at the end of the 2022-2023 school year after 21 years of service, first as a board member, then as chair. 

From her time on the Board, Chapin recalled one of the harder moments that she faced, the Covid-19 pandemic. She explained how she encouraged the school to persevere through the conflict and still find a way to keep the community alive and engaged. She said,“We had to have the courage to not freeze in the moment but still move on.”

The conversation also explored topics of journalistic ethics, learning editorial leadership skills, and even just life advice. Chapin said that to be a successful and healthy journalist, one needs to have work/life balance. She said, “You have to exercise, have friends, read and find the time to give your brain the rest it needs.”

 During the lunch, Chapin was able to reflect on her time at Masters and what she learned. “The people in this room and community are people that you will be able to rely on 20, 30 years from now.”