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The student-run news site of The Masters School


The student-run news site of The Masters School


On Martin Luther King Jr. Day each year, Masters students run workshops to explore different core concepts and ideas surrounding the years designated theme.
Student-led MLK day workshops highlight importance of student involvement
Ella Liu, Contributing Writer • February 23, 2024

Student-run workshops led on Martin Luther King Jr. Day each year have been an essential educational experience for students, with each workshop...

Not a Christmas Christmas

Tim Brown
GPA Photo Archive / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

My typical Christmas is ornamented in layers of greasy takeout food from our local Chinese-American restaurant, caroled with the sound of rom-coms in my living room, and not celebrated but celebrated with my family. My family does not celebrate Christmas in the birth-of-Jesus-Christ-way, nor do we try to compensate with a Hanukkah Bush. Rather, we celebrate the mass exodus of tourists from our neighborhood (on the Upper West Side) into their home celebrations. We have a tradition stemming from the exclusion of tradition. But if you have ever found yourself mourning on December 25th from FOMO, here are ways to fill your holiday with something besides Christmas cheer. 


  1. Movies: 

When Harry Met Sally: Everyone at some point needs to be Nora Ephronisized at one point, so When Harry Met Sally is a great movie to get started with. She is the bomb and this movie is the bomb. Or watch a movie alone in the theater because everyone will be christmassing. I watched the new Willy Wonka movie with my mom and it was awesome.


2. Go to the park and take your dog off leash, it won’t be busy! Go on a stroll because you deserve it, and take off your chunky headphones, you look dumb.


3. Go to any chinese restaurant. Most will be open and it is a great opportunity to support local businesses. 


4. Terrorize your neighbors by caroling The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler



5. Call your grandparents and/ or quirky aunt. They miss you and it feels better to call them even if they consistently call you. Catch up with them, reminisce and send them love. 

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