Tower’s Video Journalism

Jacob Kriss, Web Production Manager

Jacob Kriss


Tower is taking a new approach to video journalism through the production of short documentaries which can be viewed below. These pieces, like our written articles, hold a connection to the Masters community as well as ideas representing our school’s mission and the positive global impact that we all hope to have as a community.



In this short documentary edited and produced by Max Goldrich, Tower interviews members of AFYA, including its founder Danielle Butin (who visited Masters on Jan. 29th) to discover why they do their work and the great impact it has. Footage of AFYA’s warehouse operation also depicts the scale and difficulty of their work as well as a way for members of our community to contribute.



In this short documentary Yasmine Pascal, the Accountability & Accuracy Manager and Ad Manager for Tower,  interviews members of the Masters community to learn more about their individual experiences as students.