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Speaker Mike Johnson, giving a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Eye on the Prize: Part 4
Mason Dwek, TBN News Director • April 10, 2024

Step 4: Collaborate with Speaker Mike Johnson On October 25, 2023, history was made when, for the first time, a second Speaker of the House...

Tower’s top ten love songs

CottonBro Studio/Pexels

Looking for something to listen to this Valentine’s? Look no further. Whether you’re interested in beloved songs or something a bit more obscure, Tower’s top ten love songs playlist has something for you.

In no particular order:

Everywhere, Everything – Noah Kahan
The seventh track off of Kahan’s 2022 album Stick Season, “Everywhere, Everything” features the folksy sound and poetic lyricism that made me fall in love with Kahan’s music in the first place. I’m especially drawn to the line “‘till our fingers decompose, keep my hand in yours” as it’s a great way to visualize the idea of love transcending death. Kahan also has a version of this song with Gracie Abrams, which you’re welcome to check out, though I’m more partial to the original.

Lover – Taylor Swift
I couldn’t just not include a Taylor Swift song in this playlist. I’ve been playing this track on repeat since it came out in 2019. There’s something about it that just makes me want to slow dance in the living room with that special someone, perhaps even by candlelight. It’s simply magical. The best part has to be the bridge; the line “my heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue” is a testament to Swift’s gift of wordplay, as it’s a riff on the tradition of a bride wearing something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day.

Night Changes – One Direction
As someone who grew up listening to One Direction, their music always evokes a bit of nostalgia for me, and “Night Changes” is one song of theirs that I find myself returning to again and again. This song hits just as hard as it did when it came out ten years ago. When I think of my relationship to this song, a line from it actually comes to mind: “There’s nothing to be afraid of, even when the night changes/ it will never change me and you.”

From The Start – Laufey
I’ll admit it was hard to choose just one Laufey song for this list; I’ve been really into Laufey these days, and most, if not all, of the Icelandic singer’s discography is about love. “From The Start” is specifically about unrequited love, which I can imagine is relatable, plus it’s got the bossa nova/jazz sound that can be found in a lot of Laufey’s music. Her silky-smooth vocals combined with the mellow music make for an enjoyable listening experience.

Head Over Feet – Alanis Morissette
A bit of a 90s throwback! This song, like Morissette’s discography as a whole, is timeless. The feeling of falling in love with someone in spite of oneself is indeed a universal one, and Morissette captures it perfectly in this banger.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens
You may know this song from the 2017 film Call Me By Your Name or from its popularity on TikTok (in case you don’t know it by name, it’s the one that goes “oh to see without my eyes”). I’m pretty into Stevens’ music in general, but what allures me to this song in particular is the vocals. The way Stevens sings, all light and whispery, is hauntingly beautiful and always sends a chill down my spine.

Daydreamin’ – Ariana Grande
“Daydreamin’,” at least in my opinion, is one of the hidden gems of Grande’s discography. The song was first released in 2012 on her debut album Yours Truly, and it’s a shining example of Grande’s incredible vocal range. Boy, can that girl sing! The song itself discusses themes of having a crush, that feeling of “daydreamin’ with my chin in the palm of my hands, about you and only you”. It’s very wholesome, which is a trademark of Grande’s earlier work.

Hesitate – Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas wrote this song as a love letter to his then wife, Sophie Turner, alluding to how he wanted to help her as she struggled with depression. Though Jonas and Turner’s relationship has since faded, my love for this song sure hasn’t. I love how it reflects that love is a commitment to another person, to helping them when they’re in pain. The line “I will take your pain and put it on my heart” always tugs at my heartstrings a bit.

All Of Me – John Legend
Back in the 2010s this song was a smash hit, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2015. In my opinion, that was more than deserved. No matter how many times I hear “All Of Me,” I never get tired of its soulfulness. Legend really poured all of himself into this song, and it shows.

To You, From Me – Naethan Apollo
To close out this list, I’m leaving you with a lesser known song. Naethan Apollo, an indie artist from Iowa, has been releasing music since 2020, and though he has less than a million monthly listeners on Spotify, his music is on par with that of the other artists on this list (yes, that includes Taylor Swift). “To You, From Me,” a song in Apollo’s trademark spoken-word style, is an anthem for long-distance relationships. My favorite bit has to be “If I had a shiny nickel for every time I missed you, I’d use them to buy the moon, then sell the moon to North Korea and use all their fancy missiles to blow craters in the moon until it spelled out our initials.” I find it to be romantic in a quirky way, which tracks as Apollo is one of the quirkiest artists I know.

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