Library reserved for Middle Schoolers

Carlos Heredia, Web Editor

The library has been reserved for the Middle School only during their Academic Choice Time (ACT) from 2:00-2:30 pm since November, following a month of discussion between Head Librarian Jillian McCoy, Middle School Humanities Coordinator Jen Rathkopf and administration from both the Upper and Middle School. 

“Clearing the space of Upper School students enables library staff to take attendance of the middle school students and supervise their use of the space and their productivity during ACT, in addition to ensuring a quiet, welcoming environment for the middle school students,” McCoy said.

The decision was made with the intent of giving middle schoolers more access to the school library, while also dealing with Middle School’s different schedule and considering what time upper schoolers would most likely be socializing rather than studying.

There is currently a limit of 16 middle school students allowed in the library at once, but that’s expected to gradually increase.