Angaelica LaPasta, Blogger

Up until this Thursday, the few dedicated members of Panache have been busy at work formatting in InDesign, rescanning pieces of art, and, in my case, feverously cutting pictures out of magazines to devise collages. Collage is the theme for this year’s edition of Panache (I know, not water, but we thought we’d add a little diversity) as reflected by the front and back covers, which are both collages, and the general feeling of the inside of the magazine.

Rookie editors Gillian Goodman and Cesca LaPasta have both brought an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm to Panache, one that I have never before encountered in my three years in the club. Neither were familiar with InDesign at the start of the magazine, but both were fast learning and dedicated, sacrificing many of their precious lunch periods (and maybe even class periods….) in order to not only get the magazine done in time, but to also make it look absolutely hip and fabulous.

Each page balances color, artwork, and text in a unique and interesting way. On the last day before Panache’s deadline, I looked through the digital copy of the magazine and was astonished by the care and love, which is obvious in each and every one of the 24 pages. Panache has also been thinking more outside of the box this year, including new design elements, as well as an origami cut out page in the back (I am still blown away by how cool it is.)

The unfortunate thing about Panache is that very few people seem to know what it actually is. As I sat with the small group of Panachians who have fought so hard to make the magazine fresh and spectacular this year, a freshman wandered in, looking to bum a cookie from our table of food (provided every delta week by the fabulous dining hall staff.) When we informed him that if he took a cookie, he would have to submit to Panache next year he answered with, “What’s Panache?” Part of me definitely wanted to scream, “THE LITERARY AND ARTS MAGAZINE WHICH HAS BEEN INTRODUCED AT MORNING MEETING, SENDING OUT EMAILS AND PUTTING UP FLIERS CONSISTENTLY FOR THE LAST YEAR!” Instead I told him calmly, maybe adding in a snarky comment, but certainly not yelling nonetheless.

So many people have worked so hard on this edition of Panache, to be very fair I certainly have a bias, because I am one of those people who has been working very hard on Panache, but even if I hadn’t been, seeing the magazine makes my little wannabe hipster heart skip a beat, staring at the funky layout and, especially, all the amazing artwork and talent, which Masters tends to hide.

What I am trying to say here is, you may not be able to make it to a museum or art gallery, I know I haven’t had the time lately, but you can still experience amazing artwork, which will literally be handed to you sometime in May. Please take a moment to look at it, I promise you it will be worthwhile.