Student body votes in historic co-chair primary

Sophia Van Beek, Editor-in-Chief

With the coming of Spring and graduation approaching for current student leaders, the Masters community is looking ahead to the next school year. The biggest selection process will be the election of the co-chairs for the 2022-23 school year, beginning with a primary election on Monday, May 2. Following the primary, which will narrow the election down to four candidates, each student will give a speech with voting to follow on May 10. 

There are currently nine candidates in the running, with seven people of color, making up one of the most diverse co-chair elections in recent history.

The election will be by rank choice. On April 27, senior Clyde Lederman presented an amendment to the Executive Committee by-laws which proposed a new way of calculating the winner in a rank choice election. At the time of this article’s writing, the amendment has not yet been discussed or voted on.