Behind every purchase is a person; reduce holiday shopping

Michelle Wei, Editor-in-Chief

December 23, 2019

As ornaments are put on the Christmas tree, gelt is eaten, hot chocolate is drunk, ugly Christmas sweaters are worn and the countdown to 2020 begins, it’s clear that the winter holiday season is here. In this time of year, the air thickens with the aroma of gingerbread and anticipation of everythin...

I repeated tenth grade, now I can’t compete in sports

Sophie Grand, Opinion Editor

December 3, 2019

While I knew the decision to repeat my sophomore year would change my social and educational spheres, I had no idea that it would prevent me from participating in school sports teams.  Mid-way through this year’s fall season, I learned that I would not be eligible to participate in sports for my senior year on account of being a repeat st...

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