Boys JV1 Soccer wins last games of the season


Velizar Lazarov

Boys JV1 Soccer group photo on the day of the tournament

Carlos Heredia, Marketing Director

On Saturday November 5th, the Boys JV 1 soccer team had a strong finish in their final games of the season, winning the FAA JV tournament. The tournament was made up of four 30 minute matches, with the team playing against Brunswick School, King School, Green Farms Academy, and Greenwich Country Day School in the final. The tournament took place at Green Farms Academy.

The Masters team was tied in their first match with Brunswick, and won their next two games 2-0 and 4-0. 

“The most exciting part that day was the last game. They were super high stakes throughout the whole day, since we knew that every goal made could determine the outcome of the championship. Last year we got second place, and we wanted to make up for that. So we got our bearings together and won.” Velizar Lazarov said.

JV1 Soccer League Stats (not including the tournament): 7 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie


0-0 vs. Brunswick

2-0 vs. King

4-0 vs. GFA 

2-0 vs. GCDS