News brief: Woman defends herself from attacker at her gym complex

Gisele Cestaro, Lead News Editor

On Jan. 22, Nashali Alma, a 24 year old woman, was working out in her apartment complex in Tampa, Fla. when she was attacked by a man while working out. Xavier-Thomas Jones, the 25 year old man, knocked at the door of the complex in order to be let in by Alma, who was there alone. It came to light that his intent was assault, but she fought him off using her instincts and training, along with the words she was told by her mom, which was to never allow a stranger near you. Surveillance footage captured at her complex displayed Alma’s courage to fight back, as she was even able to keep him in a headlock at one point. She eventually scared Jones enough for him to flee to another apartment after he realized he couldn’t succeed. Jones was charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment, and kidnapping.