Masters meets Laura Danforth


Naomi Nivar

Danforth speaking with Masters students during her candidate luncheon

Naomi Nivar, Features Editor


In spring of the 2013-2014 school year, our Head of School Dr. Maureen Fonseca announced that this school year would be her final year. After 15 years of “visionary leadership” from Fonseca, the Masters community will now undergo a change.

To aid in this important process, The Masters School Board of Trustees created a search committee including alumni, parent trustees, and representatives from the faculty members. Chris Arnold, a consultant that the committee hired, along with Karin O’Connor, Fonseca’s assistant, are both vital to the search process. O’Connor sends out emails and notifies students and faculty alike when the Head of School candidates are going to be on campus so that the community gets a chance to meet them.

Laura Danforth is a current Head of Upper School at Ethical Culture Fieldston in NY. She has been a dorm parent, teacher, administrator, and she said, “It’s been a great journey.”

During a lunch meeting, a panel of  Masters students were free to ask Danforth questions and her responses reflected on her ideas and goals. She spoke about balancing, like balancing the ‘three legged stool’ [academics, sports, and the arts], and finding a common ground for boarders and day students to connect. Danforth said, “A healthy school is one that has  rich, diverse programs.”

In regards to questions about how she would help ease the discomfort that will come with big changes like the Masters Arts and Athletics Center (MAAC), Danforth said the best way to cope with that is opening up a conversation to hear what the students are thinking or are unsure of.

Her number one goal is to keep all the students safe, and within that goal, to get to interact with the students and get to know not only their names, but their opinions as well.