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Speaker Mike Johnson, giving a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition.
Eye on the Prize: Part 4
Mason Dwek, TBN News Director • April 10, 2024

Step 4: Collaborate with Speaker Mike Johnson On October 25, 2023, history was made when, for the first time, a second Speaker of the House...

Dobbs Pizza Restaurant Rankings

Matthew Ives

1: Sawmill Pizza

Sawmill Pizza is one of the most popular pizza places among Masters Students and for good reason. Their balance of affordability and great-tasting food makes it the ideal location for a slice. The pizza is made fresh daily with the perfect ratio between cheese and marinara sauce. The crust is light and fluffy while still being crisp on the outside. Their rendition of a New York Plain Slice of pizza is far and away my favorite in the Dobbs Ferry area. I have and will continue to order from Sawmill regularly whether I’m alone or with a group of friends. Because of the price and great taste, Sawmill Pizza is my favorite pizza in town and my number one recommendation for a Masters student.

2: The Parlor

The Parlor is a wood-fired pizzeria owned by Chef David DiBari that specializes in traditional Napolian-style pizza. The restaurant has a great ambiance and has decorative graffiti and artwork on its walls. Being the most formal of the three, the parlor is a great sit-down style restaurant. Their classic margarita pizza was reminiscent of the pizza I had last summer in Naples, Italy. The sauce had a bit of sweetness that paired extremely well with the dollops of mozzarella cheese placed throughout the pie. Though the food here is amazing, it is the most expensive option of the pizza restaurants. A classic margarita personal pie was 16 dollars plus tax, compared to the 3.79 dollar slices at Sawmill and a 4 dollar slice at The Brick Oven. Though the food was incredible, the price doesn’t make it the ideal location for a student just trying to get a slice of pizza.

3: The Brick Oven

The Brick Oven is a full-service pizzeria serving Italian food for the last 28 years. Their classic pizza pies are cooked in their iconic brick oven, giving each of their pies a distinct, comforting flavor. When first entering the warm, dimly lit restaurant, I immediately noticed the amazing customer service. Though there were not many employees working, they made a point of attending to every customer, giving the experience a very personal feel. Though I had a great experience, the pizza was average at best. Their classic plain slice was loaded with too much mozzarella cheese, distracting from the other aspects of the pizza. The sauce was not very noticeable and didn’t have a strong flavor and while the crust did have a great flavor, it was too dense and a bit overcooked. Against tough competition, Brick Oven ranks third.

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