Former NBA player delivers moving speech


Teddy O'Connor, Managing Editor

All of the sudden the room was pitch black; the projector was beaming; the entire Upper School stared as they watch a 30 minute documentary about the life of Chris Herren. After which, the former Boston Celtics point guard stood before the audience to tell his life story; a life ravaged by drug abuse.

Herren knew it was a problem when he was 18 years old. His family knew about his struggles, but he did not want help. It all started in high school when he began to do drugs with his friends in the basements of peoples house. Herren was a star basketball player in high school, he wore number 24 for Durfee High School in Fall River, MA. In his senior year he was named the Boston Globe player of the year, and the Gatorade player of the year. Of the 15 guys on that basketball team 7 became heroine addicts. Herren informs with an emphasis on day one; where it all starts.

“You guys know all too much about how it ends, you need to know where it starts. You need to know about day one.” said Herren.


“I was in a dark world, I’m blessed to have come out alive.” said Herren in a phone interview, “The first time I sought out help was at 21 years old, it was not until I was 32 years old that I sought help again. I tried on my own a few times, I had periods of abstinence, such as when I was playing overseas in Turkey and China.”

Herren abused marijuana, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, heroin, crystal meth, alcohol, and others. His advice for a young person today who finds drugs is to make your family aware, seek out help, and to surround yourself with positive influences who want you to become successful.

Herren holds seven felonies on his record: all drug related. It was estimated by paramedics that Herren had been dead for 30 seconds after driving into a utility pole following an overdose on heroine. Herren was also arrested in a Rhode Island Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot for driving under the influence. His license was revoked, and he now resides in that town.

“They told me to get lost, and that’s when I began to realize that I needed to give this my best shot by working hard, opening up and working on myself.” said Herren referring to the police.

Herren went to intensive rehab where he finally overcame his drug addiction. Chris Herren has been clean since August 1st, 2008. Herren now travels the country educating people about the dangers and the realities of drug abuse.