Dining Hall 101

Dining Hall 101

Aslı Noyan, Blogger

After spending over two years at Masters, I realized that the dining hall, in fact, is kind of complicated and there are a lot of “do’s and don’ts” that you should know about. Here is my list of things that I have learned about our cafeteria.

1) If you want to get the good food, the first thing you should do when you go in is to check the menu. Doing this always helps me because I get to run and get myself five chocolate chip cookies (which are almost impossible to get).

2) Dumping your food seems easy but for some reason I always make a mistake while doing it. Usually it is always crowded around the garbage cans so make sure that you are ready to dump your plates and are not busy doing other things. For instance, one day last year I was trying to talk on the phone as I was putting my plate away which had a brownie on it. Normal people throw the food away and put the plate on one of the racks while I dropped the plate in the garbage and put the brownie on the rack.

3) Do not kick people when trying to get dessert (Apologies to everyone I kicked by mistake).

4) Some people go to throw their food away and while they are waiting they try to eat everything left on their plate. Therefore, when it is their turn to put the plate away, all they do is to stand there aggressively chewing. If you are not done with your food and do not want to throw it away, do not go to dump it (I should not be allowed to complain about this since I stopped doing this only a week ago).

5) Do not run with your plate or else you might end up with your precious pizza stuck on the floor or even worse, rice all over the floor. I have dropped food on the floor too many times that now I can’t walk without hugging my plate.